We want to hear from you!  Tell us what life is like on the road.

I’ve enjoyed my 14 years on the road. In the beginning the family was able to travel with me but as my daughters got older my wife and I recognized moving the kids from school to school would be very difficult for them. Over the past several years the family has remained at home but travel to spend the summers with me and of course I come home once every four to six weeks. I also speak with them every night. Life on the road certainly has its challenges on family life but I’ve been fortunate to have a strong family and they’ve done quite well.
Though I always miss my family I’ve enjoyed seeing new parts of the country and facing new challenges and opportunities that these projects can bring.

I am currently finishing a 3 year contract on an AEP Cole burning power plant upgrade, in Oologah Ok. On this project, I was the ECP {Environmental Competent Person} for the project, as well as the safety specialist for my company’s part of this project. So now I am looking for my next Traveling adventure.

Life on the road…. hmmm.. lets see, from my perspective the life is great. A person gets to see new places, new faces, some good some challenging, however being a traveler is just like anything else, it is what you make it. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to not like traveling.
There is the hardship on the family, especially when there are young children involved. As a traveler, a person misses MANY! important life changes. From me 99% of the time I enjoy…

I should add about being on the road, my last assignment was in Mozambique Africa.. Three years.. From an HSE perspective, that was the most rewarding project I have been assigned to. The folks that were the field staff were very great full and perceptive to our safety teaching and learnings. Great project.

Latest project: Sasol Chemical Pant in Lake Charles, La. Building the site computer nerve center. PPE includes hard hat, safety glasses, safety gloves, long sleeved shirt. Safety is very tight with extensive additional guidelines.